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Our 2017 Partners

We thrive as an organization thanks to the generous support of our partners that include the companies listed below.

About Partnership

With 2016 annual purchasing power of $917 billion, the LGBT community is reshaping the way goods and services are delivered across the marketplace. To put this in perspective. Here are the 2016 buying power figures for the top four niche segments, including LGBT: Hispanic American: $1.3 trillion, African American: $1 billion, LGBT American: $917 billion, Asian American: $825 billion.

NAGLREP members are an important link to LGBT homebuyers. As trusted advisors, NAGLREP professionals influence brand and purchase choices on a variety of products and services.

NAGLREP's partnership program offers companies a variety of ways to position products and services to a key audience that is a vital conduit to LGBT homebuyers. For more information about partnership options, please contact NAGLREP Founder Jeff Berger by calling the NAGLREP office in Jupiter, FL at 561-865-6117.

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